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New Horizon

Wanderlust to explore many new horizons during the coming years. Just like I did last summer in Norway, taking the Bergensbanen from Oslo to Bergen to witness the variety of landscapes and horizons in one single train ride. This is Hardangerjøkulen, the glacier near Finse.


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7 thoughts on “New Horizon

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  2. Wonderful memories of this landscape. We had to fly between Bergen and Oslo and I regretted every minute in the air, but sadly we didn’t have the extra time it would have needed. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

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    • You’re welcome!
      When planning the trip to Norway everyone told me to take the train, so I planned an extra day to take the 6,5 hours train ride. I can imagine if the time is limited you take the airplane between Oslo and Bergen. Good reason to go back one day 🙂


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