Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

Typical Portuguese dinner in Alfama in Lisbon. The tables of the restaurant where placed outside in a small court with the tables placed in rows.

dinnertime portugal

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Let’s color the web with the vibrant colors of the Palácio Nacional da Pena in Sintra, Portugal

sintra castle

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

My entry for the weekly photo challenge is a little bit later then usual, as I was on holidays in Portugal.

During the visit in Porto we watched the view of the city and the Duoro river very often and on one of the days the view changed rapidly because of a cold sea fog, which was following the river into the city.

porto 1In the first photo you can still see the bridge.

porto 2In the second photo you clearly see the fog is hiding the bridge.

porto 3In the third photo you can see a little bit of the bridge again.


After the short lunch break we took after taking these photos, the sky was clearly blue again.

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