Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

For this week’s challenge I chose a photo of Metropol Parasol, at Plaza de la Encarnación in Sevilla – Spain.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

For this week’s challenge I have 2 photos of the Sagrada Família, the famous unfinished basilica in Barcelona, Spain.

IMG_4486 - wordpress

The first photo is from 2006, when I visited Barcelona for the first time.

IMG_3598 - wordpress

The second photo is from 2012, the second time I visited Barcelona.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

This week’s challenge was a difficult one to find a suitable photo.

IMG_5816 - wordpress

I choose this picture of the zigzagging pattern at one of the walls in Casa de Pilatos in Sevilla, Spain.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

This week’s subject for the photo challenge is ‘contrasts’.

I have selected two photos this week, which I have made last year in the Mezquita de Córdoba (Andalusia, Spain).

IMG_5728 - wordpress

This is a medieval Islamic mosque that was converted into a Roman Catholic Christian cathedral. The cathedral has been build in the middle of the mosque and you can still see a very big part of both the cathedral and the original mosque. I really loved this building, because of the contrast between the two cultures and the type of buildings.

IMG_5727 - wordpress