Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

band of friendship

Band of Friendship, work of art made by Santosh Gujar & Vikas Patil for Amsterdam Light Festival. The 9 circles symbolize bands of friendship.

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Weekly photo challenge: Oops!

Last week I came across a bokeh tutorial to give shapes to for example Christmas lights. I thought this was a nice idea for this year’s Christmas card.

I wanted to ‘keep it simple’ and create small Christmas trees in the shape of the actual Christmas tree. I am posting this story as response to the weekly photo challenge ‘oops’, so you can already guess this was not as simple as I thought.

bokeh christmas tree

This is one of the photos I made to see how I wanted the bokeh and shape of the Christmas tree to be in the final photo.

Now the fun part started; making a fake lens hood with different figures cut out in the middle. Whatever I tried I did not manage to get the lights of the Christmas tree to turn into the shape I wanted. This is the best result I got.

bokeh oops

So I will keep on trying and when I find out what are the best settings of the camera and I am able to create the picture I want, I will share the photo with you!

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