Ooh, Shiny!

Every time I see a sunset I have to photograph it, even when it’s the view from my window I see every day and I have captured many many times already. So I guess sunsets are my ‘Ooh, shiny!’

This was my view when I was having dinner with a friend at the Spaarne in Haarlem.

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My 2016

December is a perfect moment to look back on the past year and the last few weeks I’ve seen a lot of lists with highlights. As usual I’ve been travelling and taking lots of photos this year, for the first time I’ve tried to make a short summary of this year’s highlights.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons & State of Mind

The last weeks we have had a lot of rain, hail and even a little bit of snow, but a few times this week it was also clear spring is on the way. During this time of the year the sun is already rising when I walk to the train station in the morning and a few days ago I took this picture in the park in front of the train station.

haarlem park morning sun

When walking through the park in the morning I really enjoy the light, quiet and peace and these kind of skies. Besides that, it really makes me happy knowing spring is coming!

As I had a little delay in posting the photo on wordpress I already saw the next weekly photo challenge, state of mind, and this photo is also a perfect example of my emotions at the moment of taking the photo. That’s why I combine both challenges.

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