I take a lot of photos from windows; from my own window at home or the views from hotel rooms.

For this week’s challenge I have an old photo, taken from the hotel I worked as an intern in Milan (back in 2008). I loved to see the mountains from the hotel, as this is a view I do not have at home in The Netherlands.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a good day

There are a lot of things that make me happy: travelling, discover new countries & cities, the sun, the beach, nice food. I also have a lot of pictures of the things that make me happy.

Please see a selection of photos and things that make me happy in below mesh gallery.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

At the San Bernardino alle Ossa church in Milan, you will find a macabre chapel, the walls of this chapel are decorated with human bones and skulls.

I took some photos in the chapel and thought I would only use them in my photo album with holiday pictures, but these creepy photos are perfect for this week’s challenge.

san bernardino alle ossa 1

san bernardino alle ossa 2

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Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

This week’s challenge was an experiment to me, as I never made a tiled gallery with multiple images before. All images have the same theme; orange. Enjoy!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

For this week’s challenge I have 2 pictures to describe the summer lovin’ feeling.

IMG_7327 - wordpress

The first photo is from one of the ice creams I ate last weekend in Milan.

IMG_6064 - wordpress

The second photo is from the beach in Málaga.


Both give me the perfect summer feeling.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

For this week’s challenge, ‘Relic’, I chose the old trams which are still driving in Milan.

IMG_0160 - wordpress

Next to the new and modern trams, there are still some old trams driving their route through the city.

IMG_0073 - wordpress

When you visit Milan, you should make a little ride in one of these old trams.

IMG_8672 - wordpress

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

This week’s photo challenge is all about an unexpected ‘extra’.

IMG_8982 extra, extra - wordpress

For this subject I have found this photo, which I took already a long time ago in Milan. The picture is taken at the roof of the Duomo in Milan, were there is unexpectedly growing a small green plant.