The Road Taken

In this post from last year I already showed you the challenging path I had to walk to reach the top of Preikestolen. Compared to that rough path you can imagine that we were quite delighted that the road by the end of the trail was almost flat like in this photo.


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My 2016

December is a perfect moment to look back on the past year and the last few weeks I’ve seen a lot of lists with highlights. As usual I’ve been travelling and taking lots of photos this year, for the first time I’ve tried to make a short summary of this year’s highlights.


Preikestolen seen from the the water, looking forward to the hike that would lead us to the ‘small’ rock plateau high up in the sky to see the beautiful fjord from above.


In case you missed it, in this post I showed some photos of the view from the edge of Preikestolen!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

I have been offline for a while, but the weekly photo challenge Edge was the perfect subject to upload some photos again!

edge preikestolenA few weeks ago I was traveling in Norway for the first time and we could not skip the hike to Preikestolen, a steep cliff which rises 604 meters above the Lysefjorden. After a 2,5 hour hike we literally stood on the edge of this plateau to enjoy the breathtaking views.

preikestolenPreikestolen seen from the side.

preikestolen viewThe breathtaking view from the edge.